Become a member


How will you profit from being a member?

  1. Lots of practise – with varying smaller, and bigger tasks, and speeches
  2. A warm, encouraging, and ambitious atmosphere – leading you to success
  3. experienced speakers to learn from and to emulate
  4. self paced learning
  5. online courses
  6. great fun and wonderful people


Why do we restrict membership to a maximum of 34 members?

Speaking slots are scarce and we want every member to be on stage if he/she wants to at least once at every meeting.


How To

It would be best to come to a meeting and to talk to our Vice President Membership. If he/she says that we are considering to take on new members, please fill out the membership form and send it to

The board deliberates about membership applications only a few times a year. Once we have received your application, we will let you know when and if we take on new members.



Now that you know how to do it, put the plan into action, download the form: