The Camera Operator


How can you profit from filming your fellow Toastmastes when they are giving their speeches?


You can get at least two things out of being the Camera Operator.

  1. Give a prepared mini speech
  2. Take part in Table Topics, and improve your impromptu speaking abilities


Why do we have a Camera Operator?


It is quite valuable to do more than simply listen to what others have to say about our speeches. We should also evaluate ourselves; check out where we improved and what we would like to work on next. To be able to do so, we need someone to take charge of filming.


How To


When intoduced by the Toastmaster of the Evening you have one minute to explain the role and how your role helps us to become better speakers.

This is a mini speech. Try to be ambitious and wow us with your description. That could be achieved by using a quote, presenting a fitting metaphor or anything else that will will amaze or entertain us.

As the Camera Operator is so valuable but – if all goes well – has nothing to report on – this is the one role that will ensure to make you a participant of Table Topics.




Have the speakers hand you their phones prior to the start of the meeting. If someone does not own a phone with a camera, please use your own phone or ask one of the speakers if you may use theirs. The owner of said phone would then have to send the vidoe to the speaker.

Take a seat up front or towards the aisle to make sure that your sight can not be obstructed. The camera of every mobile phone can be activated without knowing the access code or cutting off the owner’s fingers. Simply swipe the left after activating the phone.

Ty to capture everything from the speaker getting up from their seat until they sit down again. Quite often it is in those moments off stage that credibility suffers. Therefore it is good to have a little reminder that one is in the spotlight even then.