How to be a Good Speaker
at a Splendid Speakers Meeting
(and Everywhere Else)


How Does one Give a Great Speech?


  • Craft a central message that can be written on a t-shirt. Use it to guide you.
  • Use a structure.
  • Be surprising and do not state the obvious. Do not ramble.
  • Make it personal. It is you talking. We want your input, and your opinion.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!
  • Ensure that wou will stay in time.
  • Focus on the WIIFY of your audience (What’s in it for you?)




Before the Speech

Fill the introduction part of the speech request about a week before the meeting – others need it to prepare their part.

If no evaluator signed up, ask someone yourself. You may also ask members of other clubs to come and evaluate you.

Contact your evaluator and let them know what you want them to look out for. Also give them the speech objectives. Send them the evaluation form for your speech.


At the meeting

Do not forget to hand your phone to the campera operator.

If you want to opt out of the bell ringing, speak to the Ah-counter.

Do not go on stage before the Toastmaster of the evening calls upon you.


After your speech

Talk to your evaluator.

Look at the video of yourself and evaluate what you see. Focus on your strengths.

Sign up for the next speech.