How to be a Table Topics Speaker


What will I learn from being a Table Topics Speaker?

Very often in small talk or in business contexts we are asked to give answers to unforseen questions. Those are the situations we practise for with Table Topics.


How Does One get to Speak at Table Topics?

The two persons that will always speak at Table Topics are the reserve speaker, and the camera operator. So if you want to make sure to speak during Table Topics, sign up to be either the reserve speaker or the camera operator.

The other people that will be called to the stage should either have no role or only small roles at the meeting.



You need to speak for a minimum of one minute and a maximum of two minutes. After two minutes you have a grace period of thirty seconds. If you still speak at 2:31 you are going to be disqualified. Time starts to run when you start to speak.

Try to structure your mini speech. Two things that people like to see as much in Table Topics as in normal speeches: connect to what other people spoke about at the meeting, and “go full circle” – tying the end of your speech to the introduction.

Go with whatever thought is in your head. Oh, and you do not need to answer the question. Just speak about whatever is in your head.


How to Improve

Even before the meeting starts, ask someone to evaluate you, should you be called for Table Topics. Ask for their feedback as soon after the meeting as possible.

Look at the video of yourself and evaluate what you see. Focus on the improvements.

If you want to practise Table Topics go here and set an alarm clock.