The Timer

What can you expect from this role?

You can get three things out of being the timer.

  1. Prepare and practise a mini speech
  2. Highten your sense of timing, and
  3. Practise giving bad news. It is not fun to tell other members they went overtime. If you are in a position of leadership you will have to give feedback on sub-par performances. Here you can practise how to do it.

Why are we using a timer in our meetings?

When we come to a meeting at Splendid Speakers we expect to start and end on time. Usually the meetings last two hours.* We can only accommodate over twenty speakers if we stick to the tightly knit agenda.

Every role and every part of the evening is alloted a certain amount of time. The timer makes sure that the meeting is on time.


How To

As with every other small role, we expect you to give a short explanation of what you will be doing at the beginning of the meeting. You have got one minute to do so. This is a mini speech. Give it an introduction, a body and an end, please.

Please explain how we use the timing lights to assist people to keep within the set time frames. You help us to keep to the timings by signalling with the red, and the yellow, and the green lights. Whenever we meet online be creative by using different virtual backgrounds or show colorful objects. Entertain us with sweets, books, magazines each in one of the three colours.

Try to wow us by using a quote, presenting a fitting metaphor or doing something else that will will amaze or entertain us when you give the introduction.

In the end please let uns know the results for every role, every speech and every moderation. Please give a full report. You have got a maximum of two minutes for this.

*There is one exception though. Contests might last longer when many contestants sign up. But this is the one exception, that can not be helped. Learning ist very intense at a contest.