On this website you will find useful resources. These contents will help you to advance as a speaker, a Toastmaster and a person.

Pathways Resources

The Splendid Speaker Evaluation Form

All the Pathways Project Evaluation Forms

The Pathways Navigator

The Pathways Companion

This link leads you to an always updated file that guides you to the content of every path and every project in Pathways. It is great for determining if the required projects in a given path match your goals.
From the first page, click a path to see a concise list of the projects by level, both required and elective. Click a project to see a summary of its purpose and requirements.
Note: guides to Pathways are available from several sources. This resource is unique in that it is a stand-alone hyper-text PDF, which is very easy to navigate between paths and projects.
Control-Home will always go back to the cover page.
It is a project by George Marshall for District 57

Your First Projects

Official Videos by TMI


David Henderson (World Champion 2010) – How to write a winning speech


Aaron Beverly (2019 World Champion)

Muhammed Qathani (Semi Final 2015)

Muhammed Qathani (Final 2015)

Ed Tate

Darren Tay (Semi Final Speech – World Champion 2016)