The Grammarian



What can you expect from taking up this role?

You can get three things out of being the Grammarian.

  1. Prepare and practise a mini speech
  2. Highten your sense of language, and
  3. Practise giving bad news. It is not fun to inform the other members about their mistakes. But we need to know in order to improve.



Language is our tool. Using it in more skilled ways can make us better speakers. The Grammarian will point out the bad, the good, and the best uses of the English language. He may also comment on the use of stylistic devices.


How To

As with every other small role, we expect you to give a short explanation of what you will be doing at the beginning of the meeting. You have got one minute thirty to do so. This is a mini speech. Prep and practise please.

Show us how your role is going help us to become better speakers.

It is also up to you to introduce the word of the night or the stylistic device of the night. The stylistic device of the night is a specialty of Splendid Speakers.

If you choose to introduce a stylistic device of the night, please make your choice known at least three days (Saturday) ahead of the meeting. To do this, send an email to the Toastmaster of the evening and the VPEd. The email should include a definition and two examples. The Toastmaster of the evening will then forward the information to everyone that signed up for the evening. This will give them a chance to use the device in their speeches.

In the third part of the evening you get three minutes to report on how we performed languagewise.

If your English is not perfect, you may single out one or two aspects to look out for. You needn’t know it all.