Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

The Listening Master



What can you get from this role?


You can get three things out of being the Listener.

  1. Three minutes stage time
  2. Fun testing the audience
  3. Practise taking control of a fun loving audience.




The answers to your questions show the speakers if their speeches made an impact. The third part of the evening needs a little splash – it is up to you to provide the entertainment.



How To


A Listening Master does not explain his/her role at the beginning of the meeting.

Chose a seat that lets you access the stage easily.

“Simply” go up on stage when asked to by the Genreal Evaluator, explain what you will be doing, and ask your questions from there.

You may stage a little competition, make it insightful, or be a stickler for details. Try to ask at least one question about every prepared speech. You may include table topcis. Everything is fine, as long as you stay in time.

The best way to do it in my opinion: Do ask the important questions. Do not look for words but for messages. We learn speaking to get our messages across. Therefore it is good to learn if our messages are remembered.